February Editor’s Note |Give The Person In The Mirror Love

It’s February the notorious month of love. Around this time of year nine out of ten times one of two things; you are frantically looking/hoping for a “Valentine” to share the 14th with or hiding because it’s all too much pressure. “U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day as 55 […]

January Editor’s Note | No Januworries Here!

Happy New Year beYOUtiful, Curve Lovers. The festive season has finally wrapped and we are slowly going back into an everyday routine. Work, school, hustle, whatever your grind; remember that everything that you want is right within your grasp. In January, we all start out the year with such vigour, with the words of Brain […]

The Freedom of Being Yourself

In a world where conformity is the most taught and sometimes conveyed as the only way to be. The freedom of being yourself becomes the hardest thing to do. As children, we start off as curious beings wanting to take the world in through our eyes and personal experience. No matter how often you are […]

My Body Is Beautiful And Has Done Amazing Things For Me As Is!

I am Thulisa, a highly qualified health professional that has passion in #WomenEmpowerment. I regard myself as a #BodyPositivityAdvocate and have been contributing towards this movement since 2011. I don’t know what slim feels like as I have never been slim/slender in my life. For so many years, it was difficult to accept love from […]

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  I came across the song mirror late 2016 when Onke Dumeko introduced it to me at the first ever Curve Corner. Since then the song has become somewhat of a morning ritual. In the song, Grammy-winning singer Lalah Hathaway lets us in on self-reflection that looks deep into her soul. This is the type of […]

Self-love Is The Best Love

Self-love, as defined by the dictionary refers to the regard for one’s happiness and well-being. However, I believe that self-love is subjective and one definition cannot encompass individual’s meanings of self-love. Self- love to me has been more of a journey to self-discovery. Growing up, I automatically disqualified myself from being beautiful because of my […]