Vivacious Spring Trends for You

The Invigorating Seasonal Mood is Set with Readiness to Embrace its Opulent Trends. This is a season that is characterized by a melange of picturesque expressions. It’s only a week into spring. Already our closets are looking forward to fresh untamed fashion pieces that have adorned our shores. From the 80’s inspired parachute shoulder pieces […]

Body Diversity | Mercedes Benz Fashion-Week 2017

Body diversity like you have never seen it before, at the 2017 Mercedes Benz Fashion-Week   We are always crucifying the fashion industry for not representing enough of the different sizes and silhouettes that women have. As Curve Loving, we strongly believe in the representation of “real” women in the media. The “Real” that we […]

Fashion Friday | The Magic is in the Scarf

Our Fridays here at the Curve Loving are always “lit” because our stylist objective in these columns is to inspire our readers to walk their own runway everywhere they find themselves. Whether you are traveling from home to the office, or to that favorite hang out spot for sundowners, we want our readers to dress […]

Fashion Friday | Spruce Up Your Winter Wardrobe with Colour this August

It’s no secret that winter is a season not liked by many. Understandably so, considering its unwelcoming effects physically and how its presence inhibits our social life. And to an extreme extent, how we dress-up. Many say that its dull and uninspiring. Early sunsets sway many of us off. But we can’t right-off winter completely. […]

New Balance

Fashion Friday | Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers

They are comfortable, warm and uber stylish. Whatever your inclination, there is a sneaker out there for you.   Its Fashion Friday again and today we are looking at sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Whether you are a size 3 or a size 15, we all want to look fresh in the latest footwear. Sneakers have recently […]

Fashion Friday | Tailored in Native Robes

Finding one piece garments has to be one of the hardest things to shop for. This is especially true for the pear shape ladies where your hips are disproportionately wide in relation to the upper part of the body. Most of the time your best bet is having your bought clothes tailored by someone or […]