Aloe Vera The Wonder Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the many herbs or plants that offer multiple benefits. It can help improve blood circulation and digestion, and it’s great for detoxification. Among other things, this plant is renowned for its excellent skin-soothing and healing properties. It’s especially useful for burns, sunburns, irritation, allergies and even acne. This humble plant […]

Coconut Oil | The All Natural Skin Rescue

They are many remedies for our skin out there but Coconut oil is becoming popular because of its healing properties. Coconut Oil shows many medicinal properties which keep skin healthy and clear. It is considered as a great moisturizer as well as an important ingredient which can treat several skin issues including dark spots, scars, […]

Eyebrow Powder Seal

Eyebrows On Fleek

It seems that the perfect shape is all the buzz. Not only does your body have to be perfect, now your brows are subject to the same scrutiny. We all try get the perfect shape. Most women, including myself,  have experimented with almost everything when it comes to having the perfect-looking eyebrows. Fortunately, brands are […]

Amber’s Rose

I think it’s high time we rid ourselves of the idea that there is a right and wrong way of celebrating one’s body. A person can bellow from the highest mountain how much they love their body. They can walk around with self-love written on their foreheads. They can even wear whatever it is they […]

Hair-Esteem | Let Your Hair Be Itself

African Hair The subject of hair, moreover that of African hair, is a complex subject and is often met with various opinions from both women and men of various cultural backgrounds. I do however, believe that Africans have a unique story to tell with regards to our hair. Natural hair in this article refers to […]

We Weigh In On Kendrick Lamar’s Humble

There have been mixed reviews on Kendrick Lamar’s new single, Humble. Now we know that when Kendrick drops a single the world stands still for a moment. The new single Humble dropped on March 30th. The video and lyrics raised eyebrows and controversy for various reasons. Our favourite was that brought up by the second verse: […]