Female Orgasm

The Psychology of The Female Orgasm

Regardless of the extensive writings about the orgasm, there still exists no universal definition for this word. The most fitting definition of an orgasm is: The peak sensation of intense pleasure. Creating an altered state of consciousness accompanied by involuntary rhythmic contractions of the pelvis and vagina and the emission of fluids from sex glands. […]

Hair-Esteem | Let Your Hair Be Itself

African Hair The subject of hair, moreover that of African hair, is a complex subject and is often met with various opinions from both women and men of various cultural backgrounds. I do however, believe that Africans have a unique story to tell with regards to our hair. Natural hair in this article refers to […]

Self-love Is The Best Love

Self-love, as defined by the dictionary refers to the regard for one’s happiness and well-being. However, I believe that self-love is subjective and one definition cannot encompass individual’s meanings of self-love. Self- love to me has been more of a journey to self-discovery. Growing up, I automatically disqualified myself from being beautiful because of my […]