Grandmother | The Beginning of My Entrepreneurship Journey

I remember walking the streets of Soweto with my grandmother selling doilies and cakes. I was oblivious to the seeds of entrepreneurship that were being planted.  At the time, as an eight-year-old girl all I wanted, was to spend time with a woman who made me feel extra special.  My grandmother had a very distinctive […]

Self-love is recognising your inner strengths and embracing your beauty

Self-love is when you are confident and proud to be whom and what you are. It’s about accepting yourself, standing firm, not allowing the society to define you. Being in a position to complement yourself, not depending on social media likes to approve your beauty. Self-love is being humble, knowing right from wrong, ability to […]

If We Want Love From Others We Must First Love Ourselves

There is a truism saying: “if we want love from others we must first love ourselves”. In other words, the strength of other relationships is equal to the strength of the relationship you have with yourself. As cliché, this resonates with me and I have fully embraced this philosophy. Self-love is not about seeking approval […]

Self Love | Zithande, Ethate, Love yourself

When I reached high school where I was told I had a beautiful face and smile but I needed to lose weight. I guess it became a part of my life. I knew when I received a compliment it would be followed by a BUT lose weight. I had to do some soul searching to […]

People Will Always Find Something To Tease You About

After being called “2 slice”, “ skeleton” and “scarecrow “ most of my life and now recently being called FAT by loved ones and strangers alike, I realised that people will always find something to tease you about, whether it is your weight, your head, how you say things – Anything really! Most of the […]