March Editor’s Note | Push Through Your Negative


Welcome to the first month of fall, March brings not only a change of season but also a change in the way your surroundings look. With all this understated change that is going on, let us not lose focus on the lessons learnt during Self-Love month.


“Loving yourself is the cheapest yet most valuable investment you could ever make” – Feb Note

In pursuit of your investment towards self, we need to be on high alert to what breaks down the progress. Note I said alert and not to concentrate.

It’s never too late to turn things around. Sometimes you are your only obstacle.

Journey to Overpowering Obstacles

One of the questions we ask ourselves after a tough period is, “I wonder how I got through that?” The answer to that question a lot of the time is: You, even just for a second, realised your power. You put your head down, moved your negativities and insecurities aside and you took care of the matter at hand.

As opposed to using your given power as a reaction, use it as a tool.

Don’t be confined by the very walls that you built. Break through the walls and remember your power. Own it, use it, revel in it. That power will allow you to not only set but accomplish your goals. Just like anything you will need to work at it before it becomes a habit. Invest the time and watch yourself flourish.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You Are the Answer, Just Believe

The only use of an obstacle is to overcome. All that an obstacle does with a brave person is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them. – Woodrow Wilson
Feel the fear and take on the challenge head.

Conquer FULLY

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