February Editor’s Note |Give The Person In The Mirror Love

It’s February the notorious month of love.

Around this time of year nine out of ten times one of two things; you are frantically looking/hoping for a “Valentine” to share the 14th with or hiding because it’s all too much pressure.

“U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day as 55 percent of the population celebrates this year, an increase from last year’s $136.57, according to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.” – CPA Practice Advisor

It’s amazing how on this so-called month of love we are always looking externally for the love that we crave on the inside. Ever heard the saying no one can love you the way that you can? As I always say clichés are that for a reason. They are tried and tested theories that we just choose to ignore by thinking that they are too simplistic…

A lot of the time we have not tested them for ourselves, therefore no matter how many times we hear them, we think them inconsequential.

Loving yourself is the cheapest yet most valuable investment you could ever make.

It Really Would Not Hurt To Try, Now Would It?

What have you got to lose, take the above cliché for a test drive? This February take time out for you, look for YOU. Just for a second, relax on trying to find someone outside, woo the very person that you are hoping will get noticed by your crush.  Simply give yourself the time, and love you deserve from you.


If you have a significant other, you will find that by loving and putting yourself first you become a better partner and lover.

A lot of the time we get the above wrong because we think we can’t have our cake and eat it. By that we assume that you can’t nature both yourself and your loved ones simultaneously. We believe that one must die. The trick to putting yourself first is to ensure that you don’t leave those you love behind and vice versa.


What Makes You Special? – Start With A List

Write down all the things that make you amazing, this can be hard when you are used to seeing the good in everyone else but you. if you have a challenge starting, simply have a chat with the people closest to you that you trust. Ask them why they love you and what makes you special to them. Once you have your list you will see that you have so much to celebrate


It’s the month of love, celebrate your way, celebrate the person most important. CELEBRATE YOU.

Happy Self Love Month

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