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Happy New Year beYOUtiful, Curve Lovers. The festive season has finally wrapped and we are slowly going back into an everyday routine. Work, school, hustle, whatever your grind; remember that everything that you want is right within your grasp.

In January, we all start out the year with such vigour, with the words of Brain “Try to take over the world”. The best part is that because of our new found energy and the sense of a clean slate that the newness of a new year brings we believe every word. The question then is;

Where does it all go wrong?


Bring On The Resolutions:

One of the ways in which we have been “taught” to ring in the new year is by setting resolutions. Now I have no qualms with these necessarily. I do however hate the way they fizzle out and in turn, mess up what could have been a great year. So how does one set resolutions that will keep the momentum going? I am going to share 4 simple steps that work for me year after year:

  1. Remember who the resolutions are for

We tend to make resolves based on what we think other people expect of us. Not necessarily on whether or not we think or know we need the adjustment. Ask yourself if this is what you really want for yourself. If so, move on in the right direction.

  1. Be realistic in your pursuit

Make resolutions that you know you intend to keep. Also that you know are within your reach. While dreaming big is welcome be realistic about how you are going to ensure that it happens.

  1. Enjoy the Journey

While you voyage on your wonderful mission take the time to enjoy every moment. Both the trials and victories have strong lessons that will help you through

  1. Take it all in your stride

When something does not go as planned, retrace your steps and see if there is a better way. One goal doesn’t necessarily have one specific way to achieve it.

There is more than one road to success, find yours

Choose to Live Actively:

This year in everything you do, be present and be intentional about all your actions in addition to your thoughts. You have a part that you play in most of the reactions that happen in your life.  Once those reactions materialize, good or bad you have the option of improving or even worsening them.

Take back your power and use it for your good. Live intentionally and Conquer FULLY

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