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The Curve Corner is intended to have the conversations that people think about but don’t necessarily have due to some sort of societal constraint.

We are unConventional, unRestricted and nAdulterated, throwing out political correctness and calling a spade a spade. Hosted and curated by the creators of Curve Loving Online Magazine; Noluthando Nkosi and Andile Kunene.

Noluthando Nkosi is a Self-Love Activist, lover of all things amazing and founder of Curve Loving. Cute but will bite and dangerously intelligent.

Andile Kunene – Half Man Half Amazing – is an entrepreneur, speaker and an all-round creative who believes in speaking life into almost any idea because that may be the one that changes the world for the better.

Noluthando and Andile facilitate conversations, in the most general sense, about body politics, relationships and lifestyle. Together they also interview prominent individuals that are leaving a mark on this world and will shine a light on the parts of their lives that are never seen in the media. The incorporation of YouTube adds a visual element to the show, making this more than just a Podcast. Before and during the show product placement is a welcome added element.

The show is recorded and streamed Live Wednesdays 9-10am on The Production of the show is such that it is available both as a podcast (audio only) and audiovisual. The recorded production is simulcast on the following channels:

  • com, in the form of Podcasts
  • YouTube – as a full show video
  • Amplified via Social media: Each show includes promos and catchy trailers to peak interest

Over-Arching Episode Themes:

Relationships | Sex | LGBTQI | Body Politics | Redefining Gender Roles | Dream Chasers African Heritage and its Role on Self Esteem and Relationships | The Latest In Tech

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