Eyebrow Grooming for Summer

Consider the face as a canvas. Your features and complexion as art. Your eyebrows are essential to the framing of the face.

The trick to achieving “Eyebrows on fleek” is having eyebrows to begin with.

Try to visit a day spa or skin center as they are experts at grooming, hair removal, waxing, eyebrow shaping, and tinting.

Here are a few tips on maintaining healthy eyebrows while helping them look good daily.

  • Eyebrow threading/waxing is a real thing, ladies
  • The fuller the brow the better, this will help maximize your chances of achieving the best possible shape for your eyebrows. Thereafter, consistency is key.
  • For those with feint or stubborn brows, the option for microblading is viable.
  • Eyebrows shape the face, so it’s important to remember this when positioning your arch.
  • Coconut oil can help with improving the texture of brow hair and in some cases, encourages hair growth.
  • Professional hair removal is the best way to go as the hair is completely removed from as far down as the root of the follicle. This is fantastic because that means your eyebrows will remain neatly in shape for at least two weeks as opposed to using a razor blade, which although popular is still a much shorter term solution.

This way, even on the hottest days summer will offer us, you can confidently walk around makeup free.


Simply put. Your eyebrows should fleek the natural way every day

Post Author: Khumoetsile Hlatshwayo

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