Vivacious Spring Trends for You

The Invigorating Seasonal Mood is Set with Readiness to Embrace its Opulent Trends.

This is a season that is characterized by a melange of picturesque expressions.
It’s only a week into spring. Already our closets are looking forward to fresh untamed fashion pieces that have adorned our shores. From the 80’s inspired parachute shoulder pieces to deconstructed shirts. Slogan T-shirts for the brave, florals, stripes and ruffles, a Curve Loving woman is set to fit them all.

Spring season is here alright. You can sense the fitting cubicles calling you to fill your shopping basket with an array of the latest fashion items. To those who haven’t figured out which ones to pick. Well, we already thought of that for you. After all, we are your retail therapists and exist to point you towards glam-cuteness.

Florals in Ruffles

‘Tis the season to blossom in bold and ruffled eye-popping florals. Embrace the romantic botanics in a tea party dress with untamed ruffles or opt for a bouquet of everything at once, head-to-toe. Florals and Ruffles are a fun combination together and separately.

Loud Stripes

If you’re not into florals, perhaps stripes could be the best alternative. Mix and match statement stripes with vertical, African print or a softer appeal pajama-style stripes. Of course the subtle classic pinstripes are always a winner.


The T-shirt slogan is here and it says it all. Whether it’s the with a provocative political stance or a feminist appeal, let it speak on your behalf. Simply paired with jeans or tucked in a maxi skirt for that sophisticated edge!

Bold Sleeves

Edgy and Sophisticated best describes the sleeve trend this season. Make your sleeve game work with the cropped, ruffled, oversized or flute. Exaggerate your style at work or at a wedding this season.


Post Author: Xoliswa Ngoqo

2 thoughts on “Vivacious Spring Trends for You

    Palesa Manne

    (27th September 2017 - 10:21 am)

    Hi Xoli,

    I just wanted to comment on your article “Vivacious Spring Trends for You” I must admit I wasn’t big on the idea of bold and ruffled eye-popping florals so I decided to try out a few items and boi your advise came handy, I’m loving it!
    You’ve really changed they way I look at fashion as a whole, thanks for a great article and just broadening my perspective on fashion.
    Rock on Girl!


      Xoliswa Ngoqo

      (27th September 2017 - 5:07 pm)

      Hello Palesa,

      Thank you so much for your comment, we are most happy and doing the “moonwalks” that you found our ideas here at the @curveloving corner helpful. Trust me, I know how uncomfortable and scary the idea of florals and ruffles can be, especially when they are all a trend in one season. But always remember that with styling and fashion, you can play around as much as you want until it makes sense to you. Its all about how you feel in the end and if we can have a little hand in that, we are MOST HAPPY!!

      Please share more of your comments with us on our social media pages AND!!!! we’d like to see how the “Vivacious Trends” look on you so do send us your photos.

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