Botanics In My Wardrobe

It is often said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. I think the statement is incomparably true when we consider the influence of spring season’s finest offering, when flowers bloom.

The words beauty, gorgeous, fresh texture and colour-splash are synonymous to both women & flowers in nature. Even the atmosphere is scented by pollen as much as Feminine perfume. No wonder some say spring season is definitely of feminine genome. The character shared by both is centered on blending different colours in a carefully balanced dosage that results in the highest form of creativity.

The South African panorama boasts this collage of colour. From the western cape flower festival,  to the lush low-veld. The similarities are like any woman’s wardrobe and make-up case.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Well coordinated fusion of this botanical inspiration was recently noted At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This year it drew influences from the floral heritage of this country. Local upper echelon designers like Khosi Nkosi, Ruff Tung, Leigh Schubert, celebrated woman of all sizes on their run way drawing from nature in their respective collections.

Spring is here and it promises to deliver a bouquet of fashion trends with sophisticated and intriguing botanical patterns. This is the season that calls You out to blossom and busrt like a flower.

A wise man once said about natures beauty, “not even wise king Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like the lilies of the field,” so it goes without saying that nature will teach you a thing or two about fashion.

See botanic inspired fashion images below:

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