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Brows On Fleek HeaderIt seems that the perfect shape is all the buzz. Not only does your body have to be perfect, now your brows are subject to the same scrutiny.

We all try get the perfect shape. Most women, including myself,  have experimented with almost everything when it comes to having the perfect-looking eyebrows.

Fortunately, brands are making all sorts of things out there, that are hassle free and not time consuming.

While I was surfing the internet looking for the latest trends when it comes to make up and I came across this really fantastic eyebrow stamp.

It’s called ‘Eyebrow Powder Seal.’ I immediately thought to myself, argh, it probably doesn’t work. I was completely wrong. It works like a charm. It’s also waterproof. It saves time and it’s easy to use. It’s ideal for women who are always rushing to work, school, date night or gym. There’s no need for you to reapply it.

This product is produced in South Korea,beginning of 2017. The price range for this product is about R 200.00 – 300.00. There are a couple of brands that actually make these eyebrows stamps e.g
i-Envy, Shezi and Kiss. You can purchase it online or at your nearest cosmetic store.It comes with 2 brow stamps ( 1 right and 1 left) for the shape.
It comes with different shapes and shades.

After checking out a few reviews on the net, it seems that a lot of people love this product and you get a few that don’t like it at all. It all has to do with what people prefer. Some people find it too thick and some say it needs practice. Different women have different personalities and lifestyle. But generally, there are good reviews and people seem to enjoy using this product.

I personally, must say, am enjoying using it everyday. It’s definitely worth buying. I would recommend it for any woman who wants to have their eyebrows on fleek.



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