The Life and Times of Pubic Hair

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Amashishi, Pubes, Bush, carpet, iNdzeft. Do you shave, trim or let go and let live? Have you considered why? Is it sexier to be bare?

The hair found on your genital area is as natural as the hair that grows out of your head. This particular kind of hair has been given a bad rep over the years. When we are younger, “pubes” present themselves as fine vellus hair, camouflaged and almost unseen by the naked eye. The infamous “bush,” announces itself once we reach our pubescent age right into our adulthood.

Many cultures regard pubic hair to be erotic, and in most cultures, pubic hair is associated with genitalia, which both men and women are expected to keep covered at all times. In some cultures, it is the norm for pubic hair to be removed, especially of females, a practice which is regarded as part of personal hygiene. In other cultures, the exposure of pubic hair (for example, when wearing a swimsuit) may be regarded as unaesthetic or embarrassing and is therefore trimmed or otherwise styled to avoid it being visible.                                                                                                wiki

Your pubic hair forms a significant part of your growth, it is one of the tell signs to coming of age. A physical, textured welcome to reproductive age.  Over the years especially with the popularity of porn, hair removal in the nether regions has become more and more trendy. Proven to be more cosmetic than medical or sanitary, do we actually know the effects of hair removal? Have we explored the benefits of the bush?

Benefits of the Bush

Besides the obvious, pain, itch and ingrown free benefits of not shaving, the bush has real reasons for its existence.

  • The course hair serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, and above all the sensitive vaginal opening.
  • Friction is a real thing. The hair acts a buffer against all types of friction both during sexy time and general activities. (notice how under feels different after a shave?).
  • Hair removal is a genuine risk: Injuries caused by hair removal – including wounds, abscesses, rashes and ingrown hairs – are becoming more common. The incidents recorded because of pubic grooming have increased significantly.

 Where Do You Stand

Before even asking your partner their preferences, have you considered your inclinations? Who holds the key to your growth? To shave or not to shave? The ball is in your court.

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