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Hold the Vision

Many of us have heard the phrase “It’s the journey and not the destination.” As much as it holds water, the destination is of paramount importance.

In any journey, obstacles exist and one should always expect them. This is a rule that transcends all walks of life and includes the journey to self-love. Embracing and accepting yourself is a destination we should all be heading to. We believe that this is a place where we are able to flourish and come into our own.

We are all plagued with doubt, some of us self loathe and most of us an insecurity that we are not able to shake. How then, do we get to a place of complete acceptance?

Holding the vision

Hold the vision and forget about the how. Hold the vision and the journey takes care of itself. We spend too much time preoccupied with the journey, in a meager attempt to enjoy it. Learning to let go, allowing the journey to unravel – this is the space that exists where success resides.

Remain Steadfast

Keeping a steadfast vision is the motivation. This is the fuel that keeps the train on the tracks, chugging towards the destinations. Seasons change and empires fall, the vision is what will keep you going through all of it.

You Are the Leader You Need

Looking inward seems to be discouraged in modern society. We tend to look for motivation in everyone and everything other than ourselves. Coming to the realization that you have all the answers you may need will be your liberation. The mind has a tricky way of only giving you questions that you have answers to. You are the leader that you need. You know best where you are headed. Only you, have the ability to define and direct your journey.

Hold the vision. Remain steadfast. You are the leader you need. All of your ideas are valuable and your goal is attainable.

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