It Takes Strength to be Confident

I relate confidence with strength. It takes a strong person to openly celebrate who they are. To walk into a room full of people and not be concerned about whether or not they will like you.

It takes strength to choose yourself over the opinions of others every day. To know that you’re flawed and yet still not see that as a hindrance to your being.

Confidence is not for the weak.

You have to have the strength to take opinions and critiques and sometimes limit them to just that. Hear what people speak of and about you and not take it to heart. Know yourself so well that you cannot be shaken by the words of others. You’ve got to believe in yourself. You have to take the risk of being like an unpopular opinion yet still standing by what you believe in. Confident people are risk takers.

A confident person doesn’t have “abantu bazothini” syndrome. Because regardless of what people do or do not say their most important affirmation stems from the self.

As people we have certain insecurities about ourselves and our bodies. We don’t wear certain things because we’re afraid it doesn’t “suit” us or “we’re not the right size for it”. Yet there they have it in our size.

I’m very excited for Thando Thabethe’s lingerie and shapewear line, because not only does it speak to the confidence of a fully clothed woman but it is also a confidence booster for what lies underneath. Truth be told, it takes a lot from a person to be confident in their body and all its curves and creases.

There a men that shy away from shower rooms at the gym and women that cannot change in front of other women. People aren’t even comfortable disclosing their weight or size for that matter. I’m all for brands that aim to dampen that mentality and promote self-love and confidence.

You may be a confident person but there may still be certain things about yourself that you may not be confident about. If shape wear or lingerie will give you a confidence boost then you best jump on the Thando Thabethe train because she seems to be onto something here.

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