The Freedom of Being Yourself

In a world where conformity is the most taught and sometimes conveyed as the only way to be. The freedom of being yourself becomes the hardest thing to do.

As children, we start off as curious beings wanting to take the world in through our eyes and personal experience. No matter how often you are warned of potential dangers; “don’t touch the flame it will burn you”. Even when you feel the heat as you get closer to the flame your instinct says just touch it and see for yourself. No matter what you are told you want/need to create your own experience. You need to be able to tell the story based on your truth and no one else’s.

So what changes

Growing up is a trap only because we have the wrong idea of what growing up is. We think that “adulting” is forgetting all the things that you used to do, say, think and even act like. Simply brushing them off and calling them childish. That’s when the shift happens, that’s where the danger begins. We are all taught of a specific adult like behaviour. Basically, all the things that built you to that point of adulthood simply don’t matter anymore. All of a sudden the things that make you, you, are no longer important.

We actively force ourselves to say, think and act like that chosen individual, and the irony in that is laughable. Let’s all be different, provided we stay the same.

Become the change

Yes, we cannot turn back the hand of time, however, we can change the direction of our future. Here are a few steps to get you started:


Take the time to sit down with yourself and ask the questions you have been afraid to answer. Anything from “Am I making my own decisions?” or are you simply taking the easy way out and following the unwritten yet oh well travelled path of life. “Do I own my thoughts” as the way you think ultimately leads to the actions that you take.


Once you have truthfully answered the questions you need to accept them FULLY and take responsibility for what your life currently looks like. Remember the power you think people or circumstances have over you, is simply the power that you have afforded.


The above are not the building blocks for a pity party. They are merely a compass to see if you are still on the right track. The beauty of it all is once you see where you went wrong you are able to learn from your mistakes. You are able to forgive yourself and seek better. The ability to forgive and starting loving yourself FULLY from the inside out is the best decision you will ever make.

Go on become and lead the change. Own your life. Own your place. Learn to be unapologetically YOU!

Post Author: Noluthando Nkosi

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